Foundation for Somalia (Fundacja dla Somalii) is a non-governmental organization created in 2007 in Warsaw, Poland, by migrants and Poles who work together aiming to promote intercultural dialogue and integration of immigrants with the host society. Mission of Foundation for Somalia is to promote intercultural dialogue, diversity as well as exchange of cultural experiences. It supports refugees and migrants culturally and financially, allowing them to integrate better within Polish society and socio-economic reality. Its approach and methodology mainly focus on integration and open discussion and local participation of migrants in all activities.




ENOROS Consulting Ltd was established in 2006 and has since been active in the field of Project Management in Cyprus and in the European area, providing comprehensive consulting services to the public and private sectors. ENOROS objective is to provide specialized knowledge in planning, management and evaluation of development programs and projects, both at the national and European levels. Enoros Consulting has implemented and managed various projects focusing on training and helping adult learners and professionals to develop various sets of skills and competencies and to be included in the sectors of society.

Rinascita is a social cooperative company based in the municipality of Copertino, Italy, established by a group of young and motivated people, convinced that cooperation, sociality and solidarity are values and a way for the successful accomplishment of the person in the world of work and for his integration into the community. The activity is aimed at the job placement of young and disadvantaged people, through the construction of stable employment opportunities, aiming to enhance the group’s design, operational and managerial skills through the combination of entrepreneurship and democracy, in order to also be able to contribute in this way to the socio-economic development of the territory. A reality that operates in the field of services, striving to encourage the development of the territory through social interventions.

Bratislava Policy Institute (BPI) is an independent research institute established in 2017 by group of sociologists and political scientists. BPI’s objective is to support and develop public policy research initiatives and to provide public policy orientated expertise in the areas of youth policy, extremism, ethnicity, citizenship, minority studies, and migration. BPI is focusing on adults and their empowerment since social cohesion and upskilling of citizens is their priority. BPI in its activities fosters publication activities, organizes seminars, conferences, and workshops, works on expert standpoints and public policy materials, BPI is also devoted to consultancy activities.

Instalofi Levante S.L. – FyG Consultores (FYG) is a non-formal educational and training organsiation from Valencia, Spain, that promotes the local labour market as well as a lifelong learning process of adults and young people. FYG works actively on career development services to refer to a wide range of programs and services whose main purpose is to help individuals to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop life skills and to manage their learning, work and careers. The training programs delivered by FyG are related to business creation and innovative concepts, entrepreneurship, development of services, service design thinking, employability basic skills, literacy and numeracy skills and soft skills training.