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To finalise the BRICS project, partneres organised tMultiplier Events in March 2023 aa a significant milestone in the project’s journey. The participation of national and local administrations, NGO’s, and private sector entities in the final events showcased the collective commitment and dedication towards achieving the project’s objectives. The Multiplier Events provided a platform to present and discuss the project’s outcomes, and valuable inputs and recommendations were received, further enriching the project’s impact.

The consortium of BRICS is unwavering in its dedication to fostering social bridges through artistic initiatives. The successful organization of the Final Transnational Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia in April 2023 was a testament to the collaborative spirit among the partners. During the meeting, the project’s results were thoroughly discussed, and plans to move the project forward were set in motion, emphasizing the continuation of their efforts in developing new tools and methods to communicate the BRICS Project agenda effectively to wider audiences at both local and national levels.

The Final Transnational Meeting also served as an opportunity to identify best practices and learn from the experiences encountered throughout the project. The partners focused on capitalizing on the results achieved, ensuring that the project’s benefits reach as many people as possible. The discussions revolved around efficient dissemination strategies to ensure the long-term impact of BRICS’ work and its sustainability beyond the project’s timeline.

The success of the BRICS project lies in the collective efforts of all partners involved, and the spirit of collaboration and dedication displayed throughout this initiative serves as an inspiration for future projects in the fields of art, culture, and social integration. The knowledge and insights gained from this project will undoubtedly contribute to positive societal change and foster greater understanding and cooperation among diverse communities.

As the project concludes, the partners express their gratitude to all stakeholders and participants for their active engagement and support. The journey does not end here; rather, it marks the beginning of a continued commitment to building social bridges through artistic initiatives. With the lessons learned, the consortium looks forward to new opportunities for collaboration, growth, and making a lasting impact on society, both within and beyond the BRICS countries. Together, we can create a more inclusive, empathetic, and interconnected world through the power of art and shared experiences.

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